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About AGW Consultants  

AGW Consultants has been providing a broad range of state-of-the-art hydrogeological and ground-water exploration and development services  worldwide since 1970.  AGW was founded by Dr. William M. Turner, our President and Chief Hydrogeologist.  Biographies of other key staff members are also available.

AGW has worked in all of the areas highlighted in yellow.
AGW has worked in all of the areas highlighted in yellow.


We employ a wide range of modern geological, photogeological, and geophysical methods including our proprietary Thermonic geophysical method for ground-water exploration.  We have used Thermonic methods worldwide on a variety of projects over the past 29 years. 

We have worked on projects involving:

Ground-Water Exploration
Ground-Water-Resource Evaluation
Water Well and Well Field Design
Foundation Leakage
Contracts and Specifications
Aquifer Simulation
Drilling Supervision
Geothermal Exploration
Ground-Water Quality
Ground Water Control
Sea Water Intrusion

On ground-water exploration projects, AGW will enter into agreements under which we are paid actual, out-of pocket, costs plus a fee and a wellhead royalty for our services on water produced.  This arrangement is only available in the United States, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and a few other countries.  In other countries, we will make other arrangements.  International projects will be handled by our sister firm, Cyprus Ground Water Consultants (CYWATER).

Contact AGW Consultants for details on our agreements. You may also look at our Statement of Qualifications and our Terms and Conditions.  We have a sample proposal that you can use to write us into your exploration budget.  Just make the necessary changes to suit your situation. 


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